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2014-11-16 01:56 pm



Making a post so this doesn't look super... empty.
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2014-11-16 01:59 pm
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A Treatise On Korra/Asami


Life Goals?

Nay, Said Korra. Wife Goals.
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2014-11-16 02:01 pm
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Dean is Benny's Rabbit

Dean likes bracketing Benny between his legs and moving his face like a rabbit while Benny tries to studiously do the thing Dean was cajoling him to do just moments ago. Dean bounces his butt on the sink counter claiming tickling feelings and Benny bites his tongue and narrowly misses slicing skin.

He doesn't get Dean some days. But he steadies up nice once Benny threatens to leave him alone with the straight edge.
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2014-11-16 02:09 pm
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Im not sure what kind of third person pov I want of korra/asami but like idk its not even a half formed thought its just a vague desire that I don't know how to shape